Providing Enterprise-level Provisioning, Monitoring, and Management

SSL encryption and active web applications make conventional, firewall-based user monitoring less effective. Insight provides monitoring and analytics for user activity within Passages. Activity monitoring takes place through a browser plugin, so it is captured directly at the source before any encryption can take place. All captured information is streamed to Passages’ Insight servers in near real time. Due to the challenges with analyzing raw data, Insight provides two options for turning it into actionable information. First, Insight includes a sophisticated interactive analysis tool for quickly discovering patterns and anomalies and drilling down to their source. Second, Insight can stream captured information into third-party Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platforms (like Splunk and ArcSight) or other security analysis tools already in use in the enterprise.

Passages also integrates with standard single sign on, Microsoft Domain Controller, and LDAP based authentication and account management systems. Deployment is as simple as pushing the installer and triggering the automated onboarding email messages.