Passages Safehold Quarantines Downloaded Files in a Private Cloud Preventing Accidental Downloads

One of the biggest vulnerabilities associated with browsers is that they download files directly onto the local machine without prior vetting. It is far too easy for hostile websites to initiate drive-by downloads which automatically and silently install malware on the user’s local desktop. Passages saves all downloaded files to a secure remote folder mounted from the Passages Safehold server in our cloud environment.

In the Safehold server, the files are tested against multiple best-of-class anti-malware tools including next generation scanners like Cylance. Only if they are shown to be safe, can the user initiate a transfer to their local computer. Only safe files that are intentionally requested by the user can ever make it to the local desktop. Administrators have the ability to access flagged files for malware analysis.

Safehold ensures that web-delivered malware never makes it to the user’s computer.