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      Is Passages a virtualized browser?

      A: Yes. But it is also much more. Every session in Passages takes place within its own full virtual machine. Sessions run on a user’s local computer while isolating all web browsing activities from that machine to provide a unique, lightweight, and secure solution for non-attributable online activities. Passages also isolates the network, so it is impossible for malware to scan or attack devices on the local network. Finally, Passages integrates Ntrepid’s network of egress points as well as data management and audit management tools.

      Does Passages protect me against malware, even zero day threats?

      A: Yes. Every session in Passages is fully virtualized and isolated. This ensures that any malware or malicious content encountered during a browsing session is contained and isolated from other user sessions and from the user’s local computer. Since each session is initiated with a new, clean, virtual machine and browser, malware does not persist between sessions. Network isolation further protects you by preventing any malware from scanning or attacking other devices on the local network.

      Is Passages available for individual purchase?

      A: Not yet. For now Passages is only available to business customers needing multiple seat licenses. We will have single seat licenses available in the near future.

      If my browser is totally isolated, how do I get access to the files I want to download?

      To enable safe file downloads while minimizing the potential for collecting malware or other unwanted content, Passages provides Safehold, a secure file transfer space that allows users to safely collect and store files during a browsing session. Files saved during a Passages session are sent to Safehold and automatically scanned for malware. If malware is detected, the file is immediately quarantined, preventing malicious content from reaching the user’s local machine and network. All saved files can then be accessed from any authorized computer risk-free.

      Does Passages use unique browser sessions?

      A: Yes. Each Passages session is initiated with a unique browser instance that masks potentially identifying browser attributes, such as language, operating system, browser version, and plugin versions. This allows Passages to manage the browser’s fingerprint and prevents sites from using cookies and other tracking methods to link a user’s activities across multiple sessions.

      A unique feature of Passages is that it enables users to maintain browsing history and bookmarks across sessions. This allows for an easy and natural transition between user sessions, even as the user is presented with a clean, pristine operating environment at the beginning of each new session.

      How can I monitor my users if they are in virtual browsers on secure, isolated networks?

      Passages incorporates the Insight application, which enables comprehensive management audits of user activity. All events that occur in Passages are captured, indexed, and available within Insight. Insight provides management with valuable historical information for reporting, as well as trend analysis for ongoing activities. All metrics and reports can be exported in multiple formats.

      Is there a steep learning curve for new users?

      A: No. Passages looks and works like the web browsers we are all used to, so it is immediately familiar and intuitive to new users. Passages runs on the user’s local computer and appears as an icon on the user’s desktop, and the browser is patterned after Mozilla Firefox. Passages’ special functions, such as toggling between Geo Pools, are available in a toolbar, allowing for easy management of activity during a session.

      When I use a Geo Pool, is my traffic really coming from that country?

      A: Yes. Passages uses our patented Identity Control technology to send your traffic through the Geo Pool servers we control in the desired country. The data packets come from that server, and if a connection is traced back to its origin, that origin will be our server in the Geo Pool.

      Does Passages let me look like I am in another country?

      A: Yes. Passages routes all activity through user-specified Geo Pools, allowing users to view and access what locals in that location can see. Users can seamlessly toggle between various Geo Pools while preventing cross-contamination from cookies and other artifacts. This masks the point of origin and browser attributes, allowing users to conduct non-attributable online activities.

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